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Adoption Testimonials

I adopted a goldendoodle from you in April. We love him! I couldn't ask for a better dog. We changed his name from Charlie to Harvey. My kids adore him and he is having a great time running with me daily.
Thanks so much for your time.

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you about Peaches new life. I adopted her from Pestsmart in American Fork seversal months ago. My 16 yo son renamed her Sajac (say-jack). She hid out under the bed and on the upstairs hallway counter for a few days but as you can see in the attached pics she has made herself right at home with our Basenji Chui.
She is an indoor cat, but she loves sitting in the window sill and at the patio door and chortling at the birds outside. She also loves running laps upstairs. She is very heavy footed and when I am downstairs I hear her galloping down the hallway upstairs. She also loves to roll on your feet every chance she gets. She puts her head down and almost does a summersalt and lays there on her back rubbing her head on your feet. Which after a stressful day at work coming home to that puts smile on my face. We just love having her in our family.
Thank you for doing what you do.
Cindy M.

Hello there,
Sean Walker here - I wanted to write to you and thank you for the seamless adoption of Jewels this past Saturday. Though I did have to drive a great distance, doing so was the best decision I've made in a long time. Since she wasn't attached to the name, I've changed it to Dakota. She already is coming when called and she is the sweetest dog I've ever owned. She is incredibly curious and loves the new bed I bought her.
Thanks again for everything and I'll talk to you soon,
Sean W. (Proud parent of 'Dakota', a.k.a. Jewels)

A little over a year ago, my husband brought this adorable pup home from one of the PetSmart adoption events. He is now 11 pounds of playful, friendly energy. We love him a lot. Thanks for taking his mother in and providing him and his siblings with the opportunity for good homes!
Shannon F.

I just wanted to take a second to say "thank you" for the work that you do and tell you about a success story with one of your dogs. So often your organization sees dogs go through it's doors and I thought you might like an update on how one of them is doing. Last November my husband I adopted a female Airedale puppy from you named Ruthie. Shortly after we adopted her we changed her name to Abbey and today she is healthy (she battled with a series of illnesses the first few months) 30 lbs puppy who is in her third week of puppy school. She is smart, loves to run, has all of her big girl teeth, and is very loyal to us. She is extremely sociable, especially with other dogs. It has been so much fun watching her grow and learn. We attached a photo of her so you could see what a pretty dog she turned out to be. Thanks again for all you do and if you have any other new on how her mom (Jenny) or her litter mates are we would love to know!
Thank you,
Ryann, Jeff and Abbey

Dear Lost Paws,
Prince is a sweetheart! He weighed 21 lbs. when I brought him home and he's now up to 25 lbs. My Vet. would like to see him at 27-28 lbs. The way he is eating, he'll reach his ideal weight in no time. Still some separation anxiety, but getting better every day. He's not destructive and his health issues have been resolved. Thank you for bringing us together.
Merry Christmas!
Maria A.

We adopted Rufus (now called Rugby) from you a couple weeks ago. We just wanted to let you know that he's fit wonderfully into our family. He's a sweet-natured fellow and he rarely barks. House-training has been a bit of a challenge (he thinks garage = outside) but we know he'll do fine with some love and patience. I've included some pictures of Rugby at home.
Thanks for making a wonderful match!
The Wilsons

My name's Veronica and I adopted Tibby (dachshund/female) from Lost Paws at the Petsmart in Orem in December 2003. Tibby was one of three dachshunds available for adoption that weekend. I thought I'd send some pictures and let you know that she is doing very well, she's healthy, and she is spoiled rotten. The first picture is Tibby in a tent (we went camping), second pic she's hanging out in her little mermaid comforter, the third pic shows her beautiful face, and the last pic shows her wrapped in blankets (her favorite thing to do). I am so happy that I adopted her and especially from an agency like Lost Paws. I make sure to tell everyone that I got her at an adoptathon and to consider adopting their pets.
Take care! Sincerely,
Vero and Tibby

Dear Lost Paws,
Last year on 5-25-2006, My Wife and I adopted a Black 14 month old Purebred German Shepherd Named "Jojo" from your website. He had a sad story about working for Search and Rescue and how he had to be retired because he had elbow dysphasia. It turned out his real name was Kujo, and the lady who was fostering him renamed him Jojo so he would be more adoptable. Well my wife and I fell in love with him and his story, so she called a couple of times a day, for a few days and must have really pestered a few people so we could adopt him. Well, he never went to Petsmart, we were able to adopt him directly, because we were financially stable enough, we could afford to give him the medical attention he required. Lost Paws thought we were the best candidates from him. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you doing what you do and giving these animals a second chance at life. Kujo, which is the name he preferred, has been a magnificent dog. He is extremely smart, well balanced, and listens very well. Probably from his training during his time with Search and Rescue. I'm writing this email to say thank you to you Lost Paws and to the people who gave Kujo up for adoption. When we picked him up at his foster home [in] Salem, UT. The foster family that had him was in touch with his previous owner(perhaps a police officer) on the phone while we were there picking him up. I could be wrong but it seemed that Kujo's previous owners cared about him very much. I was hoping that if this email ever gets to the people at the Foster home that they could share this story and these attached photos with Kujo previous owners. BTW Kujo did not have dysphasia in any of this joints, we had him x-rayed and he is in excellent health. He loves to run and swim and nothing seems to slow him down. The little white dog in the pictures is another GSD we adopted last August so Kujo had a Friend to share all his energy with.
Thank you again,
Jeremy and Jamie B.

Thought you might want a "Clifford" update.
He is doing fantastically. Adjusted well to his new home and adores his new brothers! Attached are two of his brothers. He sleeps with the 20 year old. I guess AJ woke up his first morning home from college and Clifford was beside him-head on his pillow with legs up in the air waiting to be rubbed! We are having a little problem "figuring out" that we don't go to the bathroom in the house but every day is better than the last. We have been to the vet and had blood work done, teeth cleaned and two pulled. The vets just love Clifford!!
Thanks again so much for allowing us to adopt such a wonderful addition to our family.
Jan K.

Hi, I just wanted to give you an update on these two!
Both just got their third set of shots and it went very well. Ellie weighs just about 5 pounds and Alex weighs 3 1/2 pounds. Alex has lost most of his curly fur and it has grown in with fur more like Ellie, but still white as can be! They are enjoying Montana and each have a great personality. Alex has moved out of his shyness, but still checks in when he is playing. Ellie on the other hand, is a very independent girl:) We are enjoying them very much. I will get some pictures emailed as soon as I can.
Thanks again,
Sherry K.

Dear Ladies of Lost Paws,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do for the animals you care for and the care you give in finding them good homes. I also wanted to give you a quick update on Criss, who's name is now Ginger Snap. We adopted her Friday, May 4 at Petsmart in Orem and she came home with us to Colorado last Sunday. She is the sweetest little girl who has filled the very empty spots in our hearts after the recent loss of a very special "girl". Ginger is busy exploring her new home, loves playing in her big grassy backyard. She has personality PLUS, as well as a little "red head" temper!! She is also already very much a Daddy's girl. She eats well, plays hard and sleeps soundly. I am sending you a picture taken of her just yesterday. Once again, THANK YOU for giving her such a good start in life.
Beverly R.

I have been thinking of you and the kids!
Tank is wonderful he has all his shots, he's been to the groomer to have a bath and nails clipped to get him use to Carolyn we take our Carson to her for the last 2 1/2 years to be groomed.. I have taught Tank to talk! yep talk when he needs something he comes and tell me he so funny. The other day I was calling him and couldn't fine [sic.] him I knew he wasn't outside I was looking under beds and running around the house with my head cut off calling his name. Well after 10 min's I saw something on his toy basket move it was Tank , he looked at me like are you crazy Mom! We have taken pictures of him when I get them developed I will make a copy for You and the Family. Tank is so smart and love able also a clown as you know hes 5 months old every Sunday Tank gets a barbecue cow rib, for a treat.. Carson and Tank get along wonderful they do the shih tzu run around the house Carson has lost weight sence Tank has been here. Its like having twins, they sleep together on our bed, they eat together, they play together, groomed together, ride in the car together.
Take Care,
Deanna H.

Just thought I would give you a quick update about Bently! HE IS SPOILED ROTTEN and loves his new home. We walk him daily and he has met many new friends! I take him down to the fire station and has become the "station dog."
Thanks and hope all is well,
Thomas W.

We adopted a hound mix, Nala, now named Ginger, from you in August 2004. I just wanted to send you some pix of her and let you know how much we love her. She has been a typical hound and now we have "grown up with her" we understand what that is. We love her with all our hearts! She still gives us fits sometimes, but she is great. Feel free to use her photos if you want to in order to promote successful adoptions.
Howard, Wendy, Ryan & Tiffini

She is doing great!
Buddy and she are playing under my feet as I write this letter. She Duplicates everything buddy does. She is jumping up in the back window of our car and laying down. The first day back she saw buddy do it, within 10 minutes she did the same trick. She sleeps like a baby, in the bed with us, and is learning to poop right after she eats. We got her a red leash and collar, so she looks like an uptown dog. She didn't whisper a peep, the first nignt in the hotel, prior to leaving Utah. I bought a big black bag from Penneys, to sneak her in the room. She was preoccupied with the mirror in the room, looking at herself all night. We are very shocked at how well she is adapting to her new enviornment. Outside of peeing on the tile floor a couple of times, she has been very well behaved. She won't let us out of her sight. We would love to do a testimonial for your web-site, if you and your husband would like. Please stay in touch. We think you are fine people with alot of substance. It was a delight to meet you and admire what you are doing for the pet industry and your town.
Kind Regards,
Roy, Debbie, DHARMA, and of course Buddy!!!

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