Lost Paws Inc.
Phone: 801-423-1334 ~ E-mail: LostPawsInc@gmail.com ~ Hours: 9-5pm Mon-Fri (when able)

LOST PAWS, Inc. Surrender Process

NOTE: LOST PAWS, Inc. accepts CASH ONLY (no checks, debit cards, or credit cards)

Q: How do I bring my animal to you if I can no longer keep it?

We hope that pet owners consider relinquishing their pet only as a last resort. We only accept animals from their original owners and if they are of an adoptable breed and temperament. All stray animals and lost animals MUST go to your local animal control facility. This is Utah law, and we are bound by it. This is so they can be reunite with their rightful owner. After the stray period, we can then chose to take them out. Since there is such a huge over-population of cats and kittens, we have very specific requirements for taking them in.

Adult Cats (5 month-5 yrs): (online form)

  • Must be spayed/neutered and have verification from your vet.
  • Must be current on shots and have verification from your vet.
  • $25 surrendering fee per adult cat.

Kittens (8 weeks to 4 months): (online form)

  • Are NOT required to be spayed or neutered. (Too young.)
  • 1st set of shots are required for kittens.
  • $50 surrendering fee for a litter of kittens.

To surrender your cats, please call for available space. Please again understand that we can only take the adult cats if they have been fixed and current on shots. We will need verification of those documents. Thanks for your time.

Dogs/Puppies: (online form)

  • We always have room for small breeds.
  • Are NOT required to be spayed or neutered or current on shots. (We will take care of that.)
  • NO fee for small or specific larger breeds. (Labs, heelers, pointers & all sporting breeds we pass on to other rescue groups.)

LOST PAWS, Inc. will have a surrendering form for you to fill out. This will not only help us to take better care of your pet but also to find it a lifelong loving home that matches its needs. It costs LOST PAWS, Inc. more than just the donation fee to care for and properly prepare an animal for adoption. Please understand that this surrendering fee is a very small fee to pay for the peace of mind to know that your beloved pet will not be euthanized for space. Your pet will stay with us until it is adopted. The average stay is two weeks; the longest stay has been 6 months. But the important thing to remember is that they all went to great homes.

LOST PAWS, Inc. reserves the right to stop the surrendering process at any time. We wish we could take them all. Reptiles (no green iguanas please), rodents, birds, fish... call (801) 423-1334 for directions.

Cat surrending personality form (online)
Dog surrending personality form (online)


Thanks to all our sponsors and helpers, who donate so much to make this adoption service and website possible.

PETSMART for letting us use their Luv-A-Pet center.   Dr. SANDY GARRETT for helping us with our animals with major medical problems.   ALL OUR FOSTER HOMES for being willing to foster anything.   STAFF & VOLUNTEERS for doing a great job and saving lots of our wonderful "4" legged critters.   ALL OF OUR FINANCIAL DONORS for helping out financially and helping get animals placed into good homes.   STEVEN OLSEN for designing our new website.

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