Lost Paws Inc.
Phone: 801-423-1334 ~ E-mail: LostPawsInc@gmail.com ~ Hours: 9-5pm Mon-Fri (when able)

Donation Wish List

Since LOST PAWS, Inc. is a non-profit organization, and since we try to use all money raised for the care of our rescues, we appreciate any aritcles that help use reduce our spending. If you are able to make a donation in the form of an item, here are a few ideas:

Clean blankets and towels -- We use these for bedding for the dogs that are boarded... We go through them at an incredible rate.
Leashes - nylon or leather

Our Complete Wish List:

  • Land
  • Blankets and beds
  • Crates
  • Toys
  • Pet food gift certificates
  • Cedar Fencing Materials
  • Someone who can donate time to complete a small adoption center in a building that is 12x12
  • Cat Litter
  • Food Bowls
  • Pet food gift certificates
  • Office Supplies

If you would like to donate articles to the LOST PAWS, Inc. please call (801) 423-1334 or e-mail us at lostpawsinc@gmail.com to make arrangements.


Thanks to all our sponsors and helpers, who donate so much to make this adoption service and website possible.

PETSMART for letting us use their Luv-A-Pet center.   Dr. SANDY GARRETT for helping us with our animals with major medical problems.   ALL OUR FOSTER HOMES for being willing to foster anything.   STAFF & VOLUNTEERS for doing a great job and saving lots of our wonderful "4" legged critters.   ALL OF OUR FINANCIAL DONORS for helping out financially and helping get animals placed into good homes.   STEVEN OLSEN for designing our new website.

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